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Repair costs increase every year and can add up to thousands of dollars depending on the vehicle part or service required. A Vehicle Protection Plan can take over where your manufacturer’s warranty ends. It can help protect you from unexpected expenses, plus provides for a variety of other convenient benefits.


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Questions? specializes in helping consumers buy out their lease. We have a simple 5 step process that helps you to buy out your lease so that you own your car, all without stepping into a dealership. To learn more click on the "Lease Buyout" link in the main menu and scroll down to the explanation of the 5 step process.

A vehicle service contract can be a great way to protect yourself from unexpected repairs. Many programs are available with low monthly payment options to fit just about any budget. Click here to see’s preferred partner for vehicle service contracts.

Loan approval and funding can be completed as fast as the same day, depending on what time of day you apply. Once the loan has been funded and you have sent your check and odometer disclosure statement into your leasing company, your work is complete. Your leasing company will then issue you a clean title once your payoff is processed.

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Five steps to buying out your lease

Step 1

Get the lease buyout quote from your leasing company

A lease buyout quote is generated by your leasing company. Buyout quotes are often available online through your leasing company's web site. Your buyout quote will include the total amount needed to buy out your lease, including any sales tax, fees, or remaining payments. The buyout quote will also include the name and address where the payoff check needs to be sent. Record this information as you will need it later.

Your buyout quote should also include a "Good Through" date, indicating how long the buyout quote is valid for. You have until this date to deliver the payoff check to the leasing company. If you miss this date, you will need to request a new buyout quote.

Step 2

Answer a few questions on to get matched with a lender provides a short series of questions to match you with the best auto lease buyout lender. The questions take less than a minute to complete and your answers allow to find the best lender for you. Once you are matched with a lender, will provide a link to the lender's online application.

Step 3

Complete the short lender application. Loans can be funded as fast as the same day!¹

Once you click on the "Apply Now" and complete the lender application on the lender's web site, you will receive a response shortly. If everything looks good, accept the loan agreement. Once approved, you'll be asked to e-sign your loan agreement and set up your loan for funding.
Receive your funds as early as today!1

Step 4

Download the odometer disclosure statement from your leasing company and complete the form

Odometer disclosure statements are required by law in all 50 states when buying out a lease. Your leasing company should have this document available for download or email. Once you receive the odometer disclosure statement, record the current odometer mileage of your vehicle, complete and sign the document. You will need to send this document in along with your payoff check.

Step 5

Send your personal check for the buyout amount along with the odometer statement to your leasing company

Once your loan has been funded and the funds have been deposited into your bank account, write the check for the buyout amount and send it to your leasing company as they've instructed on the buyout quote. Include the completed odometer disclosure statement along with your check and be sure to include you account number on your check.

That's it! After your leasing company receives your check they will complete the buyout of your lease and send you your clean vehicle title.

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